Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction

Minnesota State Fairgrounds, August 24th, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Buyers are Champions Too!

Buyers are what makes the auction so successful and there are many benefits to becoming a buyer.
  • One of the motivating incentives for youth to engage in the livestock enterprise is to exhibit their animal projects—first at the County Fair and win a trip to the great Minnesota State Fair. The ultimate goal at State Fair is to qualify for inclusion in the Purple Ribbon Auction. This is your opportunity to help these young people celebrate their success and to encourage them, and others, to even greater heights of achievement. Livestock can play a major role in youth development.
  • You lend support to Minnesota’s agricultural economy and it is most important enterprise—an efficient livestock industry. Animal agriculture is an indispensable base for the economy of Minnesota and the United States.
  • The Grand Champion animals will be on display is the Cattle Barn the final nine days of the Fair. Signage will be at the site advertising your business to the over 1,300,000 people who visit the Fair during that time period.
  • A photo of the animal and its owner can be provided for your promotional purposes. You or your company will be listed in next year’s publicity materials, brochure, sales catalog, and on this website. You will be recognized for your role as a builder of a better tomorrow.

2018 Minnesota Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction Buyers

Thank you to all of the buyers who made the 2018 event such a big success. Below is a list of the buyers who contributed under $100. Thank you for your support of the Minnesota Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction.

The list of buyers that gave $100 or more in 2018 can be viewed in the 2019 Minnesota Purple Ribbon Livestock Auction Brochure.